Elena Michelle
Interests and Experience


Busy Being A Kid
It is back-to-school time and I am busy being back to school. Fortunately for me, I have a great teacher this year, I am surrounded by wonderful friends, and it is looking like it will be another awesome year.

It's soccer season and so I just had to make time to get out there and do my part for the team.  In the Spring I'll be playing softball.  I am a budding violinist, and I am active in community drama.  I squeeze in a few other activities too. I like to create in general.  I am very interested in all kind of arts, including drawing, dance, and drama.  I love being part of a team.  


Don't Rush Me
Role:  Groupie

My spring show was called "Don't Rush Me" and I played the part of a groupie.  We put on four performances.  

Geology Rocks
Role:  Sinister Fern

A science themed musical.  

Lewis & Clark
Role:  Native American

A large production musical.  We put on four performances.  

Once Upon A Rooftop
Role:  Jewish Mother

This was a holiday show.  In two of the four performances I played the role of a Jewish mother.  In the remaining two performances I was part of the chorus. 

Oliver Twist
Role:  Nancy

In this show I was Nancy, the woman that cared for the pickpockets.  

Lion King
Role:  Nala 

Character Matters
Role:  Cinderella

Need a young actor for an upcoming production?  


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